Our activities

Hello, everyone visiting my website, in a few sentences I would like to tell you how I opened my company and how I developed it.

  “I invite you”.

When I opened my company, At the beginning of my activity my company dealt with all kinds of interior and exterior decorations, large and small, public buildings, such as schools, take, shops or banks as well as private houses and apartments.
We dealt and still deal with laying all kinds, tiles, stones, marble and granite in bathrooms, kitchens, corridors and stairs.
 Over time, our company has grown and we have adapted our services to the needs of our clients and their orders that they have commissioned us. We have recruited more qualified employees so as not to limit our services and develop our range of services.
 We currently have a lot of satisfied customers who have entrusted us with their construction projects,
From our previous clients and from those for whom we are currently working, we have references available at any time for our new clients who would like to entrust us with their projects to be carried out by my company.
We also invite you to visit construction sites run by my company.
 After 5 years of operation, we have already boasted major home renovations in Hampshire, Surrey, Bedfordshire, Kent, Yorkshire and all of London, such as?
Office renovations for EMR, the largest company in the UK dealing in the recycling of non-ferrous metals.
Decorating 712 rooms for rent to London students at Evelyn Garden.
Full construction and extension of private buildings, extension of the kitchen and loft conversion, in London at Mortimer Road No. 7, 17, 49, 41.
Full bathroom renovations at a private college in Hook / Hampshire / and many other major and minor construction and renovation work for private entrepreneurs and large construction companies.
With each new project, we gain new experience and learn something new, because each project is different and we approach each client individually.
We currently have over 20 years of experience in renovation and construction works.
We are experts in the scope of our construction services and services provided to our clients by our employees who are experts in each of their specialities. Our company offers professional service and service at attractive prices on the market. We are able to perform any project and challenge any valuation while maintaining a completely professional service for the commissioned project.