We have many years of experience regarding building and renovating – over 15 years of undertaking and successfully completing different projects of varying size and format.

In the past we have renovated many large buildings and done jobs like replacing worn roof tiles, reinforcing foundations and deepening underground cellars.

We also have carried out many enlargements and additions to various kinds of buildings, together with complete finishing on the inside. In addition we have done many restorations and renovations inside buildings, as well as laying tiles on large and small surfaces.


Specialist in Build Basement Construction


We also perform enlargements to buildings, small or big. Building additions to households and businesses are a piece of cake for us.


We are prepared to install tiles for walls, floors, terraces, bathrooms, and kitchens. We can put down any kind of tile, ranging from ceramic to marble, on any kind of surface including wood and concrete. We use the best materials available to ensure the result will last for a long time.


We can do jobs regarding roofs of any size and of any material. Building a whole new roof is no problem; we start with the skeleton and then cover it using a selection of materials chosen by our client beforehand. We can carry out any of the following jobs and more: wallpaper-hanging filling plastering attic adaptations heating units for houses, both inside and outside installing solar panels replacing electronic units replacing hydraulic units small and big hydraulic repairs.


MMB CONSTRUCTION AND DECORATION LTD also restoration of bathrooms, as well as total renovation. For example changing the position of sanitary units. We also can modify a bath into a shower cabin, and vice versa. Our hydraulics can replace and repair water pipes in your home, whilst our other specialists can place down tiles on the floor and walls.


We also do many kinds of painting jobs, including outside and inside. We use the best quality paints to ensure the final effect will satisfy our clientèle. The end result will be good and last for a long time after painting. We use spray painting methods with oil and emulsion paints.


We build a wardrobes , cupboards ,  kitchens and utility units . All build by hand and size and design.